Vincent Caballero

Non-Attorney-Special Education Advocate


As your child's Advocate I can provide a full range of services to represent the interests of your student in the educational process.
I will also help empower and educate your family to strengthen your own advocacy skills..

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As your child's advocate I will:

  • Accompany you to IEPs, IFSPs, SSTs, or 504 meetings to provide suggestions and assistance.
  • Accompany you to proposed classroom placement observations.
  • Help you write effective letters of request and concern to your school district.
  • Accompany you to Student Attendance Review Boards (SARB) and Manifestation Determination Meetings.
  • Help you obtain copies of  your child's educational records.
  • Help interpret assessments and reports to parents, and explain their significance to your child's educational needs.
  • Use assessment data to develop charts showing present levels of performance as well as progress and regression.
  • Review all special education documents, including files, assessments, report cards and observation reports.
  • Help you to organize educational records.
  • Help to ensure that your child's IEP's are well written and has accurate “present levels of functioning and performance” and measurable goals, with the appropriate services and support meeting those goals.
  • Review IEP, 504 or other documents before you sign them.
  • Assist you in filing compliance complaints.
  • Help you find an experienced and qualified independent assessor and obtain an independent educational evaluation.
  • Help find qualified related service personnel that your child might need.
  • Draft letters, responses, complaints and written requests to school and district officials.
  • Assist in the preparation of IEP 504 planning meetings and maintain open contact with the local education agency to include emails, letters and telephone communications.